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Like our facilities and operations at Tyndall, this website is a “work in progress” and will get better with every passing day. This compilation of questions, answers, concerns and recommendations will continue to evolve as our 1AF family recovers from Hurricane Michael together. Communication, information, advice and encouragement are premium commodities. They are our ticket to safety, serenity and strength. They are vital to our continued progress. Please, share this resource with friends and family affected by the hurricane, and let us know how we can support you during this difficult time. 

Updates and Recent Information

 Updated Evacuation Order: Distance minimum now 20 miles

Team Tyndall,

I am authorizing a minimum evacuation distance of 20 miles from Tyndall AFB. As the base moves out of recovery, we look to facilitate a transition to normalcy for some families through enabling you to return to your homes if habitable, a closer commute to facilitate repairs on homes, dependents to return to employment, and children to return to their Bay County schools.

For Active Duty Military and Dependents:

- If working and residing at Tyndall AFB, you are in TDY status and will receive the incidental rate of $5/day. All meals are available and directed at the DFAC. If you have dependents residing OUTSIDE of the established 20 mile radius they will continue to receive evacuee entitlements.

- If working at Tyndall AFB, but residing at your residence either within or outside the 20 mile radius, you will not be in TDY status and you will not receive any entitlements. If you have dependents residing OUTSIDE of the established 20 mile radius they will continue to receive evacuee entitlements.

- In both of the above scenarios, if you have dependents residing INSIDE of the established 20 mile radius they will not continue to receive evacuee entitlements.

- If dependents move safe haven location, they will be required to submit a waiver through the 325th Comptroller Squadron to SAF/MR when they file your voucher.

For Civilian Employees and Dependents:

- If working at Tyndall AFB, and residing at a safe haven location OUTSIDE of the established 20 mile radius, you will continue to receive evacuee entitlements and in/around mileage related to performing duties. If you have dependents residing OUTSIDE of the established 20 mile radius they will continue to receive evacuee entitlements.

- If working at Tyndall AFB, but residing at your residence, you will not be in evacuation status and you will not receive any entitlements. If you have dependents residing OUTSIDE of the established 20 mile radius they will continue to receive evacuee entitlements.

- In both of the above scenarios, if you have dependents residing INSIDE of the established 20 mile radius they will not continue to receive evacuee entitlements.

- If you move your safe haven location, you will be required to submit a waiver through the 325th Comptroller Squadron to SAF/MR when you file your voucher.

The 325th Comptroller will publish further guidance on when/how to submit a travel voucher if you have ended your evacuation by living at your residence.

Col Brian S. Laidlaw

325th Fighter Wing Commander

325 CPTS HURVAC Travel Order

 Hurricane Michael Evac/SAFE HAVEN Voucher Process

If you've completed your Hurricane Michael evacuation requirements, guidance below and in the PDF section is provided to file your reimbursement voucher.

We understand there will be a lot of questions but please read through the procedures based on your status. The guidance applies to all personnel assigned to CONR-AFNORTH (Title 32 AGR, Title 10 Stat Tour, and Title 5 Civilians).

All vouchers will be filed in the Defense Travel System and processed through 125 CPTF in Jacksonville. Please note if you remain in evacuation status, do not file a voucher at this time. Also, if you do not have access to DTS, alternate means are being worked. Your GTC will remain at an elevated credit limit and your monthly GTC bill will be deferred. Please keep in mind this a very unique situation and each voucher will be worked thoroughly.

If you have any questions or need additional information, POC's are:

1. MSgt Daniel Morgan, Comm: (904) 741-7361 / Email:

2. Mr. George Enslow, Comm: (850) 741-7362 / Email:

3. Mr. David Clemmens, Comm: (850) 596-0496 / Email:

4. Mr. David Kostic, Comm (850) 625-1160 / Email:


Dependent DTS Authorization Guide

Evac Info Verification Sheet

Member DTS Authorization Guide

1172 Example

1351-2 Example

 Air Force announces return of units to Tyndall AFB
The Air Force announced the return of several key Tyndall Air Force Base missions, as the base begins its long-term recovery following Hurricane Michael. 
“We will rebuild Tyndall Air Force Base,” said Vice President Mike Pence while at the north Florida base Oct. 25.

A number of important missions will resume at Tyndall AFB in the next few months and others will shift to other locations for the time being. All but approximately 500 Airmen will return to the Florida panhandle.

“We are focused on taking care of our Airmen and their families and ensuring the resumption of operations. These decisions were important first steps to provide stability and certainty,” said Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson. “We’re working hard to return their lives to normalcy as quickly as possible.”

Decisions include:

Units that will resume operations at Tyndall AFB:

• The 601st Air Force Operations Center will resume operations no later than January 1, 2019.
• The 337th Air Control Squadron will resume air battle manager training at a reduced rate by January 1, 2019. A full production rate is expected no later than summer 2019. 
• Air Force Medical Agency Support team will continue their mission of medical facility oversight.
• Air Force Office of Special Investigations will continue their mission from usable facilities.
• 53rd Air-to-Air Weapons Evaluation Group will remain at Tyndall AFB.
• The Air Force Legal Operations Agency will continue their mission from a usable facility at Tyndall AFB.
• Air Force recruiters will continue their mission from local area offices in the Panama City, Florida, area. 
• The 823rd Red Horse Squadron, Detachment 1, will continue their mission at Tyndall AFB.
• The Air Force Civil Engineer Center will continue their mission at Tyndall AFB.

Units to be located at Eglin AFB, Florida, with reachback to Tyndall AFB:

• The 43rd and 2nd Fighter Squadrons’ F-22 Fighter Training and T-38 Adversary Training Units will relocate operations to Eglin AFB. Academic and simulator facilities at Tyndall AFB will be used to support training requirements, as well as Tyndall AFB’s surviving low observable maintenance facilities.
• The 372rd Training Squadron, Detachment 4, will relocate with the F-22 Fighter Training Units to Eglin AFB.

Units with insufficient infrastructure to resume operations at Tyndall AFB at this time:

• Personnel and F-22s from the 95th Fighter Squadron will relocate to Langley AFB, Virginia; Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska; and Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii.
• The Noncommissioned Officer Academy will temporarily disperse across four locations: McGhee-Tyson, Tennessee; Maxwell Air Force Base - Gunter Annex, Alabama; Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi; and Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas.

The Air Force is taking great care to ensure Airmen and their families are supported when they return to the base. Officials are working to identify specific Airmen required to remain at Tyndall for mission needs or to assist with the longer-term recovery of the base. 

“By the winter holidays and in many cases well before, we expect all our Airmen–military and civilians—to have certainty about their options, so that everyone is either on a path or already settled,” said Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David L. Goldfein.

“The strength of Tyndall comes from its Airmen and their families. It will take us a while to restore buildings and infrastructure, but returning our Airmen and their combat missions to full strength—at Tyndall or somewhere else in the interim—will happen quickly,” he added.

As details are worked out, affected Airmen will be contacted by their chain of command or the Air Force Personnel Center. In the meantime, Airmen should continue to monitor the Tyndall Facebook page and the Air Force Personnel Center website for additional details as they become available.
 Per Diem rates set to change

Attention! Please remember to check the per diem rates for seasonal changes in your safe haven locations.

Starting 1 Nov. the rate for the Destin/Okaloosa County areas drops from $143/day for lodging to $94/day.

Also, a blanket waiver has not been received to elimate per diem rate drops that will take effect on day 31 of the anyone making reservations past 8 Nov. at the 100% rate is assuming risk.

Check out rates and changes here:

 Eglin Recepetion Center Information

We are excited to announce that our Tyndall Reception Center (TRC) is up and running at Eglin AFB, located at Luke's Place in the 96 LRS compound close to the Eglin East Gate. This family friendly location has experts and resources staged to assist you with answering your questions.


Open Hours: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. (after hours appointments available as requested – please contact TRC during business hours to set up appointment). Some agencies will be on reduced manning Saturdays, please call ahead to ensure availability.


If you can't make it to Eglin AFB in person - we also have direct lines to the experts you may want to talk to here:


Airman & Family Readiness Center: 850-885-9918


AF Aid Society: 850-885-9918


AF Employee Assistance Program (AFP/NAF Employees) : 800-222-0364


AFPC: 850-885-9930


Comptroller/Financial Entitlements: 850-885-9906


EFMP: 850-885-9926 or 210-723-4379


JA/Legal Claims: 850-885-9914


JPPSO/TMO: 850-885-9912 or 850-885-9902


Military & Family Life Consultant: 850-885-9918


School Liaison Officer: 210-514-0644


USAA reception desk at the Eglin TRC: (800-531-8722)


If you're not sure who exactly to call: 850-885-9930"

 Applying for a temporary BAH increase

Members may apply for a temporary BAH increase per the “Temporary Increase in Basic Allowance for Housing Rates in Florida due to Hurricane Michael” memo dated Oct. 18, 2018. The temporary increase will expire on Dec. 31, 2018. On Jan. 1, 2019, newly calculated BAH rates will take effect.

The certification request must be in a form acceptable to the approval authority and submitted through MyPers. The service member’s certification must document rent, or mortgage expense in the case of a homeowner, and utility expenses. The MyPers website is:

If the total housing expense from the service member’s certification is higher than the BAH rate during that time, then the service member is authorized the increased rate effective the approval date of the Oct. 18 memo or the date the service member started incurring the increased expenses, whichever is later.

Example 1: Military member and dependents previously resided on Tyndall AFB and their home is now inhabitable. Member signs lease for an apartment that is above the local authorized BAH rate. Member may submit a temporary BAH increase for provided lease and utility expenses backdated to the start of their lease thru Dec. 31, 2018.

Example 2: Military member previously rented an apartment in the local area that is no inhabitable. Upon returning to Tyndall member signs a new lease for an apartment that is more than their previous lease but less than their authorized BAH. Member is not entitled to receive a temporary increase in BAH

UPDATE: On-base housing access for residents

The dates for on base housing residents to access their homes has changed. There is no longer an end date of November 2nd; base access for residents is open until further notice. Please review the pinned and updated October 23rd Release for details

 Oct. 26, 2018: A letter from Col. Brian S. Laidlaw, 325th FW/CC

As many of you know, Vice President Pence and the Secretary of the Air Force visited the base this week to see where we are in the recovery process. During this visit, they announced that we will rebuild Tyndall Air Force Base.

The process will take time and it may mean changes for some families. We don’t have all the answers, but know that we are all working tirelessly to make sure we keep you informed. What we do know is that assignments have started to drop for some Airmen and their families, and your unit leadership will communicate with those Airmen on how that process will work.

During the Vice President’s visit, I was able to share with his team some of the great work our Airmen have accomplished in the last two weeks. This week, the number of Airmen at Tyndall working to recover our base passed 1,000. Our fellow Airmen have come from all over the country to partner with some of our own who remained behind. I couldn’t’ be more proud of how much this team has accomplished in such a short time.

This past week, we opened our gates again for residents to access their personal property in housing and storage. While not mandatory, this is an opportunity for people to bring insurance adjusters for claims on base and to remove their personal property if they wish to do so. With this, there are many questions. Here are a few answers.

•This is voluntary. Rest assured items left in housing will not be removed unless coordinated with the landlord.

•Balfour Beatty recently announced that they will not charge rent for on base homes in November.

•The government will reimburse members on active duty orders and civilian employees (APF) to do a personally procured move (PPM) with storage.

•For more details on the TMO/PPM process, please review our website:

Our engineering team also accomplished a lot in the past week. They assessed close to 80% of the buildings on base for damage, brought back power to some areas of base, removed street debris from over 90% of housing, partnered with the county to bring the wastewater treatment online, and much more.

We will continue researching answers to your questions. They are great questions; keep them coming. We are looking to our future as a base and as a community. I am excited to see where we will be in the coming weeks and months.

As always, each of you and your families are my priority, and you are always my first thought throughout each step of this recovery process. I am thankful for our Air Force family. We’re a resilient clan, and we’ve got this.

We are better than we were yesterday, and tomorrow we will be better than today.

Col Brian S. Laidlaw
325th Fighter Wing Commander

 Return of Mail Services to Tyndall

Tyndall AFB mail is currently located at the Panama City General Mail Facility and the base is working with the station manager in Panama City to have the mail released. Because of the damage to Tyndall's main mail facility, the base will be setting up a temporary mail facility for official and dormitory resident mail soon.

Official mail will be handled a little differently than in the past. Before the hurricane, mail was picked up and delivered at individual units throughout the base. Because many of the units are moving into different facilities, units will pick up from one central location in Bldg. 662 at 445 Suwannee Street, Tyndall AFB, FL 32403.

Once on-base mail delivery resumes, dorm residents can also get their mail at Bldg. 662 and will need to present their military ID card. Unfortunately, there is no interim ability for dorm residents to pick-up their mail until on-base delivery resumes.

For base housing residents who received mail via the U.S. Postal Service, the USPS is working on a plan to deliver their mail. In the interim, residents can collect their mail at the post office at 1336 Sherman Avenue, Panama City, FL 32401.

Dorm residents who received support from the Postal Service Center and will be reassigned due to Hurricane Michael will need to out-process the PSC. This will ensure their personal mail is forwarded to their next duty station.

Non-dormitory residents who received USPS mail delivery and will be reassigned due to Hurricane Michael will need to initiate a change of address request with the USPS, which can be accomplished online at or in person at post office.

Tyndall personnel who live off base should contact their post office for procedures in place to pick up personal mail if that facility has not yet reestablished mail delivery.


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 I am needing to do a Personally Procured Move (PPM), where can I find resources and information on how to conduct it?

There are many resources available for you, to include: information at, your local base TMO and the Eglin Family Support Center staffed with more TMO help. You can also visit the Tyndall AFB website here for related links, numbers and other information.

It is highly recommended that after you retrieve your property you clean and dry all items prior to storage in order to combat and prevent the spread of mold.

 My roof needs to be covered while I wait for permanent repairs, where can I go for help?

While there are many options for you, one that you may be of help is Operation Blue Roof by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Operation Blue Roof 1-888-ROOF-BLU (7663-258) is a priority mission managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The purpose of Operation Blue Roof is to provide homeowners in disaster areas with fiber-reinforced sheeting to cover their damaged roofs until arrangements can be made for permanent repairs.

There are multiple locations established, open 0800-1800 CDT, seven days a week. You can find these locations and other details at: 


What do I do if I need my roof tarped?

 Where/how can I check the validity of a business I am considering to use for clean up or house work?
You can contact the Better Business Bureau at
 Are AirBnB and similar websites authorized for lodging?
Yes. For evacuations, AirBnB and similar websites are authorized, but receipts for lodging reimbursement are required.


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 Will every member returning to duty by 10 December lose evacuation entitlements?
All evacuation entitlements for Military members and Civilian employees cease on 10 December. Only dependents outside of the 20 mi radius will receive entitlements.
 Are members with uninhabitable homes expected to return to work NLT 10 December?
All personnel must return to work by 10 December regardless of their home’s condition. Finding a temporary place of lodging off base should be a primary focus for members. There are on base lodging options for permanent party (Military and Civilian). Contact TSgt. Fouchey at 850-283-8482 for on base availability options.
 Will members be expected to take leave to attend to contractors and adjusters for personal property claims?
All personnel will need to coordinate leave/time off with their Commanders, Directors, or AOC Division Chiefs.
 Are military families with uninhabitable homes who are maintaining 2 homes receive dual BAH?

FSH/Dual BAH is authorized for military members who are separated from their dependents and have two households they are maintaining. A designated location for the dependents must be established and reported to the A1 section immediately.

IAW SAF/MRM memorandum dated 20 November 2018, “Tyndall AFB evacuees whose military sponsor will remain assigned at Tyndall for the 20 weeks or more, beginning November 13, 2018, to choose, and move to, a CONUS (48 contiguous states and District of Columbia) designated place no later than February 28, 2019. On March 1, 2019, if the dependent has not selected and moved to the designated place, the safe haven converts to the designated place.”

The member will receive with dependent BAH for the designated location of the dependents. If the member incurs an additional expense for lodging for themselves at Tyndall, they can apply for FSH to receive the Single rate BAH with valid proof for lodging.  The evacuation entitlements will stop for the dependents if receiving FSH.


If a civilian employee returns to the vicinity of Tyndall, but outside the 20 mi radius, and commutes to work, will he/she continue to receive evacuation benefits (lodging and per diem) as long as the employee and family are housed outside the 20 mi radius?

All entitlements for the employee will cease on 10 December. The member will not receive mileage for daily commuting. The dependents will continue to receive evacuation entitlements until the evacuation order has been lifted as long as they are outside the 20 mi radius. Valid lodging receipts will be required to receive the lodging portion entitlement.
 Where can I find help with finding resources for financial assistance?

There are many foundations providing financial support those recovering from Hurricane Michael. One resource for you is CharityNavigator that will help identify and help you navigate multiple charity organizations and support opportunities.

 Does each dependent need their own voucher (i.e. a travel voucher each for spouse, son, daughter, etc.) or will it be one order listing all of the dependents?

IAW the DoDFMR Volume 9 Travel Policies 070205 and 070301, one voucher can be completed for all family members (filed under the military sponsors social security number) if traveled CONCURRENTLY. If dependents ONLY traveled then a separate voucher will be filed for the dependents, the dependents EFT information is required for reimbursement. Items required to file a travel voucher (DD Form 1351-2) are:

- Evacuation order;

- ID Card (DD Form 1173, United States Uniformed Services ID and Privilege Cards; DD Form 2750, Senior Executive Service ID Card; DD Form 2765, ID and Privilege Card; DD Form 2764, Civilian Geneva Convention Card; passports; or other forms of picture ID are sufficient identification to pay evacuees);

- Receipts (lodging receipts and receipts for expenses over $75.00).

 What sorts of other expenses are NOT reimbursable?
IAW the JTR Introduction Para 5 (If it is not in the JTR it is not reimbursable), home preparation expenses, automobile expenses (repair, maintenance, oil etc.), grocery bills, nonofficial calls, ATM fees for personal credit/debit/ATM cards.
 Are members authorized travel and transportation allowances if they voluntarily return to retrieve personal items?
No, IAW with the JTR Chapter 6, 060202, Table 6-14b, if there has not been an order to return (all clear). Even if a dependent leaves for personal reasons they will not receive any transportation allowance.
 What are the allowances if members and/or dependents go outside the established safe haven?
IAW the JTR Chapter 6, Table 6-14a, individuals must travel to the specified safe haven area unless the authorizing/ordering official allows evacuees to travel to an alternate location, but limits the cost to the authorized location. Authorization to relocate to another area must be stated in the evacuation order.
 What are the military member’s allowances if on leave at the time the evacuation order is issued?

If the leave did not terminate prior to the order to return, the member remains in a leave status and per diem would not be payable. If leave terminates while the evacuation order is in effect; then the member is placed in a TDY status at the leave point if the commander determines that the member should not return. There is no authorization for transportation allowances.

 Who funds ordered evacuations?
The organization ordering the evacuation normally funds evacuation travel. Funding for evacuations is used with HURVAC Funds IAW the JTR 060104 Table 6-8 2-7.
 What if I voluntarily evacuate? Will my expenses be reimbursed?
IAW the JTR Chapter 6, 060101a, if a member evacuates voluntarily, they are in leave status. If they are later affected by a mandatory evacuation, they are entitled to per-diem and travel from that point forward, but not to any retroactive per-diem. Eligibility for reimbursement is based on evacuation orders.
 Is use of GTC Mandatory?
In the event of a mandatory evacuation, use of the Government Travel Card (GTC) is authorized and mandated for authorized members, to include obtaining necessary ATM advances. Dependents are not authorized use of the GTC. Members without a GTC and dependents of deployed spouses are entitled to a cash advance.


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 I would like to talk with a chaplain or counselor about my situation...where can I go?

Anyone who needs help for themselves or their families have a wide variety of options available to ensure they are staying strong mentally. You are a critical part of our team and maintaining good mental health is vitally important to the success of our mission.

The following list is not all encompassing and if you do not find your needed resource, call, email or message the 1AF Recovery Center for help and they will help get you what you need. In addition, military bases have chaplain and counseling services available and can be reached by visiting or calling the base near you.

- Military One Source - 1-800-342-9647

- SAMHSA Disaster Distress Helpline - 1-800-985-5990 (Call or Text)

- National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

- U.S. Dept of Veteran Affairs - 1-800-273-8255 opt 1



 Can I change my PCM to my safe haven location?
If you need to change your PCM to your safe haven location, please call 1-800-444-5445. For more questions or concerns, please contact Tricare East at 1-877-363-1303.
 I am needing to visit a pharmacy to get my prescriptions, where can I go?

According to Tricare East, the following are approved retail pharmacies:

Walmart, Sam's, Walgreens, Kroger, Rite Aid

If you have questions or need help with your pharmacy needs, contact Tricare East at 1-877-363-1303.

 What kind of allowances do I get if I am a military member stationed at Tyndall AFB?

Our unique situation has been acknowledged; military members at Tyndall will receive TDY travel allowances.  Meals are available at the DFAC and required; members that use the DFAC will receive $5/day.  If members are unable to use the DFAC due to duty requirements; members will receive up to $66/day ($43/day if member eats one meal/day at the DFAC).  This only applies to military members; guidance for civilian employees is still being worked.


Military members must meet All of the following conditions IAW JTR, par. 020602 subparagraph A-2 to continue receiving TDY travel allowances
1) During emergencies that threaten injury to human life of damage to Federal Government property. Met (Hurricane Michael)
2) At a location within the PDS limits. Met (Recalled back to Tyndall)
3) At other than the Service member's residence or normal duty location. Met (Staying in tent city)
4) At overnight accommodations used for duty. Met (Staying in tent city)

If a member meets all of these conditions, they will continue to receive TDY travel allowance, based on the Tyndall rates. Please note any meals provided must be declared on their travel voucher. Once member's depart Tyndall on TDY status to a follow on TDY location, their travel allowances will be based on the new location's allowance rate.

Once a member's normal duty location (their office prior to the evacuation) has been restored to a working status and the member is able to conduct their primary duties in that location, the member will no longer be eligible for TDY travel allowances within the PDS limits.

Once the President declares that this area is no longer a disaster area, TDY allowances end.

 I'm confused about safe haven and evac status...can you explain?

Many of the questions fielded by our 1AF Recovery Center concern “safe haven” locations, the associated entitlements and changes that have occurred since the storm.   

The original evacuation order established a safe haven distance of 100 to 500 miles from Tyndall. On 12 Oct, that order was amended to include the entire Continental United States beyond 50 miles from Tyndall.    

Members and families who initially sought safe haven more than 100 miles from Tyndall then moved closer continue to receive evacuation entitlements (as long as they remained outside the 50-mile radius). Military members are considered TDY even if they’ve changed locations since the storm (again, as long as they’ve remained outside the 50-mile radius).

On 17 Oct, the Secretary of the Air Force issued a memo confirming all of the above. That memo is posted to to and A more detailed press release can be found at

Your circumstances and the needs of your family are unique, and guidance varies somewhat based on organization and status. Remember, the 1AF Recovery Center is standing by to provide clarification and assistance. They can be reached at 757-968-1393 or 757-912-7372; DSN 742-0059 or 523-5964; or FAQs are posted to Facebook and
 Who can I contact to discuss school issues for our children?
A school liaison officer is available to facilitate family discussions with school districts. Their hotline is available 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and they are dedicated to making sure that our military children are able to get back into school with the things they need as quickly as possible. Please contact our dedicated school liaison officer at: (201) 514-0644.

How do I know when to return from an evacuation and when to return to work?

If you are a military member or DoD civilian employee, your chain of command will contact you when it is time to return home and get back to work. Taking care of your family and property is priority. The command has sent out a request for status updates of all of our members and will notify members when to be back at work. Keep in touch with your supervisor during the evacuation to make sure you receive the most current information.



1AF Hurricane Recovery Line

(850) 283-1367

(850) 283-1359

(850) 283-0940

Email: or

Facebook: @1AFRecoveryCenter