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  • Father and son team up on fini flight

    On a frigid winter day, January 13, at the North Dakota Air National Guard (NDANG), with clouds of vapor evident upon each breath, Senior Airman Bryan M. Hensel, crew chief in the 119th Maintenance Squadron, launched his father, Colonel Cecil J. "Bud" Hensel Jr., for the colonel's final flight. The colonel is a pilot, and N.D. headquarters director
  • Alert Force Evaluation, the Big "O" Four in a Row

    Major inspections come and go at the l02nd Fighter Wing, they are always taken with the utmost seriousness; however, there may be none that is more significant than the Alert Force Evaluation. Unlike other important inspections where the unit knows exactly when the inspection team will arrive and has months to prepare, this is a no-notice
  • Mass casualty exercise challenges NEADS, Rome community

    During the Griffiss Park Mass Casualty Exercise Thursday, area first responders were challenged to perform their triage and hazmat procedures on victims of a simulated attack. The scenario for the exercise kicked-off with a 'dirty bomb' simulated explosion at the Northeast Air Defense Sector's headquarters building at Griffiss Business and
  • "America's Air Operations Center" opens at Tyndall

    First Air Force celebrated the grand opening of the 601st Air and Space Operations Center here with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and tour of the 37,000-square-foot, $30 million combat center. First Air Force, which also serves as the Continental US NORAD Region under the North American Aerospace Defense Command, provides air security and air
  • From the Sandbox to the Icebox

    You've been deployed to the desert and nearing completion of your short tour, and you start getting excited about orders for your next assignment. Having had enough of the extreme 130+ weather and sandstorms, you can't wait for the nice change. You open an e-mail from your assignments functional and he asks, "How would you like to go to Canada and