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     After the recent release of the national intelligence estimate reporting a heightened terror threat, First Air Force and 601st Air and Space Operations Center (AOC) leaders reaffirm their commitment to defending the Continental United States (CONUS) from airborne terror.      "Our number one goal is to make sure the enemy, whoever that may be,
  • New Commander for 1 Canadian Air Division/Canadian NORAD Region

    On Tuesday, July 17, Winnipeg's highest-ranking military officer changed and Major-General. J. M. (Marcel) Duval became the new Commander of 1 Canadian Air Division/Canadian NORAD Region (CANR). A military parade marked the change of command. The ceremony included two fly overs past the parade square to commemorate the change of command. The first
  • Reenlistment, alert style

    Working environments often predicate the conditions for which even the most formal of occasions are carried out. Case in point; the July 16th reenlistment ceremony of Technical Sgt. Gary W. "Hollywood" Holland, Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Craftsman, Detachment 1, 125th Fighter Wing, at the alert facility. The oath of enlistment was administered
  • 147th civil engineers fly with Canadians

    Four civil engineers of the 147th Fighter Wing, Ellington Field, Texas, recently swooped over part of the Great Northwest in the CT-155 and CT-156 trainer aircraft while on deployment to the continent's higher latitudes. Staff Sergeants Cole Martin and Otto Adkins, and Senior Airmen Albert Champion and David Luna received incentive flights with the
  • Winged Beaver gnaws on civil engineer project in Canada

    Thirty-three members of the 147th Fighter Wing's Civil Engineer Squadron (CES) spent much of Father's Day en route to Canada as part of a Deployment for Training called Exercise Winged Beaver. The first of three civil engineer units participating in the exercise, the 147th FW, Ellington Field, Houston, Texas, will be followed by the 149th CES, San
  • 148th Fighter Wing stands alert

    Within hours of receiving initial notification, F-16 Fighting Falcons and several Air National Guard members from the 148th Fighter Wing "Bulldogs," Duluth, Minn., arrived at Shaw Air Force Base, N.C., to maintain Air Sovereignty Alert (ASA) and provide around-the-clock support for Operation NOBLE EAGLE, a homeland security mission. This quick
  • Happy Hooligans fly first UAS mission from Fargo

    Governor John Hoeven and North Dakota National Guard (NDNG) Adjutant General, Major General David Sprynczynatyk, announced that the 119th Wing, N.D. Air National Guard (NDANG), flew its first Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) mission from Fargo, N.D., July 2nd. The squadron, also known as the Happy Hooligans, is now flying the MQ-1 Predator, a
  • Joint Task Force Gator delivers

    The last thing they expected on that cool and cloudy morning was to be in the birthing business. For two Louisiana Air National Guard (LANG) members of Joint Task Force Gator, their business was to assist the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) with security operations at the direction of the Governor of Louisiana and the mayor of New Orleans. As
  • Florida Air Guardsman brings home gold

    He had never picked up a 9mm pistol before, but a few weeks after learning how to fire it, Senior Amn. Matthew Williams would astonish his mentor and others by earning a gold medal in a three-day physical fitness competition that included shooting expert on the 9mm. In February members of the Florida Army and Air National Guard competed for the
  • A celebration of courage and heart

    A special group of people gathered at the Fargo Air Museum in Fargo, N.D., May 15, 2007, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the gift of life. On the morning of December 22, 1986, four-month-old Michael McCann lost his life. His parents, Steve and Karen McCann, made a courageous decision in the midst of their grieving, to give the gift of life to