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  • Fitness as a lifestyle—can I get there?

    Are you hoping to be promoted soon? Are you looking at being a candidate for in-residence professional military education? Are you embracing fitness or doing everything possible to avoid it? Your answer to the last question can significantly affect the answers to the first two. Let me

  • Would ‘I am on a profile’ work in the civilian world?

    Recently, I was preparing to head out to our unit physical fitness training - or PT as we like to call it - when I asked an Airman why he could not participate in the commander-directed weekly fitness session. He told me that he was on a physical profile that limited him from doing anything at

  • Another flu shot? Why it’s important

    Two hundred years ago, the average life expectancy was about 40 years. Today, it is nearly 80 years. That doubling of life expectancy can be almost entirely attributed to just two things: improved sanitation and immunizations. All other medical advances combined don't even begin to come close to the

  • Lorenz on Leadership - The art of objective decision-making

    Making decisions is something we all do each and every day. Most decisions are made without much thought, almost unconsciously and, in many cases, automatically. Others, however, are decisions that involve time and thought, and can impact more than just ourselves. These are the decisions where the

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