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  • 302nd AEG Continues to Provide California Fire Support

    Aircraft of the 302nd Air Expeditionary Group have launched their seventh day of support missions July 2 in a coordinated effort to control wildfires in northern California.           Airmen of the 302nd AEG are operating out of McClellan Airfield in Sacramento and are flying C-130 Hercules aircraft equipped with the modular airborne firefighting
  • Air Force Unit Providing Domestic Air Security Reaches 50,000th Mission Milestone

    The Continental U.S. NORAD Region (CONR) reached a significant milestone last night as the 50,000th Operation NOBLE EAGLE (ONE) sortie conducted over the continental United States was flown locally over South Carolina airspace.        Two F-16s from the 20th Fighter Wing at Shaw Air Force Base, S.C., flew the landmark ONE sortie. The overall total
  • 50,000th ONE Mission Flown at Shaw

    Two F-16 CJs assigned to the 20th Fighter Wing flew the 50,000th Operation Noble Eagle sortie last night.           This mission, flown in support of ONE, is a significant milestone and serves to demonstrate Air Force capability to monitor the skies to keep the United States safe.           Two pilots from the 20th Fighter Wing flew the 50,000th

    The 113th Wing, District of Columbia Air National Guard responded to their 2000th scramble since Sept. 11, 2001 on May 6.           "Although the D.C. Air National Guard did not have an alert mission before the events of Sept. 11, 2001, they have established themselves as both the busiest and best alert unit in the nation," said Lt. Col. David
  • Civil Air Patrol aids national crisis preparedness as part of Ardent Sentry exercise

    Civil Air Patrol members on both coasts are participating in Ardent Sentry 08, a homeland security and disaster response exercise that tests the readiness of local, state and national organizations responding to national-level emergencies, including both natural disasters and terrorism incidents.           The East Coast exercise is involving CAP
  • NEADS ANG members return after deployment to Kyrgyzstan

    The Northeast Air Defense Sector doesn't deploy people, right? Wrong.      In the unit's largest deployment ever, nearly 30 security force members deployed on a six-month tour to Manas Air Base, located in Kyrgyzstan, in September 2007. The deployment also involved Guard units in six other states, which resulted in the first-ever all Guard Security
  • U.S. airspace a situación crítica with foreign flyers

    At Sun 'n Fun 2008, US Navy Lieutenant Hector "Z-Man" Zayas describes the appropriate procedures for entering U.S. airspace with a private pilot from Puerto Rico:      "Aeronaves entrando y maniobrando en espacio extranjero deben de respetar las reglas de aviación del mismo, de acuerdo a la Convención de la Organización Internacional de Aviación
  • Tyndall Guardsman named Air Combat Command's outstanding Reserve judge advocate for 2007

    First Air Force announced Tuesday that the lead Air Operations Center judge advocate officer here was named Outstanding Reserve Judge Advocate for 2007 by Air Combat Command for superior performance.      Lt. Col. Michael E. Guillory was nominated for his exceptional leadership as Staff Judge Advocate while performing state and national duties
  • NORAD brings 50th celebration to general aviation at Sun 'n Fun

    Jim Heneric worked his way through vendor kiosks in Hanger D at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport. Moving slowly he spies Garmin here, NavAir there, and then a wholly unexpected and nostalgic pause.      "I'm browsing the aviation exhibits and suddenly, here's NORAD and I'm thinking 'what the (heck) is NORAD doing here?'"      Heneric, a general