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  • CORRECTION: Air Forces Northern readies for next series of tropical storms, hurricanes

    In a press release distributed Sept. 7, Air Forces Northern incorrectly reported that it moved a 12-person Air Component Coordination Element, or ACCE, team to Virginia in preparation for Hurricane Hanna. In actuality, the team deployed with Army North's operational command post in Alexandria, La., for Hurricane Gustav. AFNORTH regrets the error in
  • Despite storm strain, Operation Noble Eagle continues unabated

    As hurricanes and tropical storms continue to affect North America, threatening coastlines and populations, North American Aerospace Defense Command Operation Noble Eagle missions continue at an uninterrupted pace. "Air Sovereignty Alert conducted under Operation Noble Eagle is our air defense of the homeland and it is a no-fail mission," said Maj.
  • In Ike's eye: Search and rescue poised, ready

    Under the command and control of the First Air Force commander here, joint search and rescue forces are prepositioned and capable of executing response and recovery operations for those who may be affected by Hurricane Ike. More than 400 joint forces personnel and approximately 20 Air Force and Navy HH-60 helicopters, along with four HC-130s are
  • Air Forces Northern readies for next series of tropical storms, hurricanes

    While the remnants of Hurricane Gustav and Tropical Storm Hanna soaked the Gulf and East coasts this week emergency response forces, assigned to Air Forces Northern here, remain poised to react as Hurricane Ike inches its way toward the Florida Keys and possibly the Gulf of Mexico. AFNORTH and additional military personnel, aircraft and equipment
  • Canadian Forces assists in hurricane evacuation

    Canadian Forces deployed three aircraft in support of Air Forces Northern humanitarian efforts during Hurricane Gustav. A CC-177 Globemaster from Trenton, Ontario, deployed to New Orleans to assist in the evacuation of people from hospitals and rest homes in the path of the major storm. Two CC-130 Hercules aircraft deployed from 14 Wing, Greenwood,
  • Correction: AFNORTH provides search and rescue for Gustav

    In a press release yesterday AFNORTH identified the command of Colonel Steve Kirkpatrick as the 920th Search and Rescue Air Expeditionary Group. Colonel Steve Kirkpatrick, commander of the 920th Rescue Wing at Patrick AFB, Fla., has taken responsibility for Gustav SAR operations as the commander of the 331st Air Expeditionary Group, headquartered
  • AFNORTH provides search and rescue for Gustav

    Joint search and rescue forces are responding in three states as Hurricane Gustav bears down on the U.S. Gulf Coast. After five days of mobilization of forces and equipment, a new search and rescue group has been established to assist in human relief efforts in areas affected by Hurricane Gustav. Col. Steve Kirkpatrick, commander of the 920th
  • JPRC Continues to Prepare for Gustav

    The 601st Air and Space Operations Center's Joint Personnel Recovery Center continues to make preparations with states in the potential path of Hurricane Gustav. As Gustav makes its way through the Gulf of Mexico, the JPRC has requested each state's search and rescue plan. "By knowing what assets they have available, we can tailor our Department of
  • EPLOs move into place to support Gustav

    As Hurricane Gustav nears landfall, Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officers from all over the nation have been brought in to help. EPLOs from as far away as Alaska have moved into place in Louisiana, Texas and Alabama to coordinate military assets to support civil authorities. Lt. Col. Kelly Carmen, an Alaska-assigned EPLO, is in place in New
  • AFNORTH assisting with Gustav MedEvac

    Air Forces Northern here is coordinating with numerous civilian and government agencies in Texas and Louisiana to assist with the evacuation of critical-care patients in anticipation of Hurricane Gustav's landfall. AFNORTH is providing U.S. Northern Command with visibility on all Air Force assets available for medical evacuation such as Mobile