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  • AFRCC supports 2009 Sun 'n Fun fly-in

    Extra measures were taken by First Air Force units to help speed search and rescue services to pilots flying here for the 2009 Sun 'n Fun fly-in. The Air Force Rescue Coordination Center, located in the 601st Air and Space Operations Center at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., opened a precautionary mission with the Civil Air Patrol to enhance the
  • ‘First Air Force Now’ celebrates decade of success

    In March 1999, First Air Force chief of Public Affairs Capt. Don Arias and Tyndall Warrior Network Manager Louis Biehslich were brainstorming on how to better promote the vast and ever-expanding mission of First Air Force. Using video footage they had obtained from an earlier visit to Curacao to cover Operation Coronet Nighthawk, the team produced
  • First Air Force Command Chief selected as NORTHCOM advisor

    As the first ever Air National Guard command chief master sergeant to be selected as a Command Senior Enlisted Advisor for a combatant command, the current Continental U.S. NORAD Region-1st Air Force (AFNORTH) command chief takes a step into Air Force history. With the unprecedented selection, Chief Master Sgt. W. Allen Usry will take over as North
  • Blue Flag enhances AF's ability to protect U.S. from attacks

    More than 500 Air Force personnel, along with representatives from the Army, Navy and Marines completed a two-week training exercise last week expected to improve how the Air Force will better monitor and intercept hostile military aircraft and respond to potential terrorist attacks. Part of a series of military defense training exercises referred
  • CONR tracks aircraft over Washington D.C.

    Two Air Force F-16s and two U.S. Coast Guard HH-65s were scrambled today to respond to a small civilian aircraft that veered into the Air Defense Identification Zone over the National Capital Region in Washington, D.C. The F-16s made initial visual contact with the Piper Cub aircraft, and then passed responsibility to the HH-65s upon their arrival
  • EPLOs redefine part of Air Force Mission

    When most Americans think of the Air Force, they envision slick, fast fighter jets soaring through the skies at Mach speed. A picture that doesn't normally come to mind is a military organization that helps local communities during hurricanes, wildfires, floods or other natural disasters. Nor does the image of men and women in blue assisting during
  • 179th Fighter Squadron Wins Raytheon Trophy

    Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Norton Schwartz recently announced that the 179th Fighter Squadron is the recipient of the 2008 Raytheon Trophy for its accomplishments in Fiscal Year 2008. The 179th Fighter Squadron is attached to the 148th Fighter Wing; a Minnesota-based Air National Guard Wing. The Raytheon Trophy, formerly known as the
  • Noble Eagle: Reservists contribute to round-the-clock watch of North American skies

    Since shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, Air Force fighter aircraft have flown more than 51,500 sorties over the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii in support of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to help provide a safe and secure nation. The Continental U.S. North American Aerospace Defense Command Region, known as CONR, is
  • CONR jets respond to stolen aircraft

    Synchronized efforts between military and civilian authorities yesterday led to the apprehension of a pilot who allegedly stole an airplane in Canada and landed it in the United States several hours later. The civilian aircraft departed Thunder Bay, Ontario without Navigation Canada authority and was reported as stolen. The small plane entered U.S.
  • AFNORTH supports FEMA flood relief efforts

    Air Forces Northern is supporting the Federal  Emergency Management Agency and state and local authorities in North Dakota and Minnesota in response to the flood relief operations. AFNORTH has deployed two UH-1 helicopters to Grand Forks Air Force  Base, N.D., under the authority of the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center here at Tyndall for a