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1AF National Security Emergency Preparedness

The 1AF (AFNORTH) National Security Emergency Preparedness (NSEP) directorate organizes, trains and equips a mission ready force of Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officers (EPLOs) to facilitate the full spectrum of Air Force capability in planning for or conducting all-hazard emergency response, National Special Security Events (NSSE) and Special Event Assessment Rating (SEAR) events. Provide outreach to Air Force installations and interagency partners to communicate the importance of the DSCA mission and the constraints under which support is provided.



Public Affairs Office

1st Air Force/AFNORTH Public Affairs
1210 Beacon Beach Rd, Suite 221
Tyndall AFB, FL 32403-5549
(850) 283-1329/1331/1332/1333
DSN 523-1329/1332
On-Call Cell: (850) 774-1044

Public Affairs does not act as an operator service or base locator. They do not have the capability to redirect incoming calls to other offices. Please contact the base operator for these services:

Tyndall Air Force Base: 
(850) 283-1110
DoD-wide: (703) 545-6700

AFNSEP Contact

 Main Office: Commercial(850) 283-1757 or DSN 523 - 1757                                                                                                DSCA Cell 24/7: Commercial: (850) 283-1630 or DSN 523

Location: Tyndall AFB, FL