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CONR commander hosts ACA working group

  • Published
  • By Mary McHale
  • AFNORTH Public Affairs
Representatives from across the Aerospace Control Alert enterprise gathered at the Killey Center for Homeland Operations today for a one-day working group to address matters affecting the ACA mission.

According to Lt. Col. Christopher Fields, project officer, the forum provided the Continental United States North American Aerospace Defense Region -1st Air Force (Air Forces Northern) commander, Lt. Gen. William Etter, an opportunity to focus on unit needs and challenges in an interpersonal atmosphere.

It's been two years since the last one was held due to fiscal constraints and Etter was eager to dive into the issues.

"We had lots to talk about and I am confident we really got a lot done, considering how much we packed into the day," Etter said, as he urged the audience into a frank discussion. "If I don't know about it, I can't help you."

Representatives included those from each aerospace control alert unit, the Eastern and Western Air Defense Sectors, along with representatives from: the Joint Air Defense Operation Center; North American Aerospace Defense Command Headquarters; the National Guard Bureau; the U.S. Coast Guard; Air Combat Command and the Federal Aviation Administration.  Briefings covered not only manning, equipment and funding topics, but also current events, trends and the way ahead for the CONR enterprise to meet its ever-evolving mission.

"It was a real pleasure to interact with such a distinguished group," said BGen Alain Pelletier, CONR deputy commander. "Each participant contributed positively to CONR's  mission success and their feedback is essential to CONR's effectiveness."

Col. Michael Norton, EADS commander, agreed.

"This event brought together all the right people to work through some of the most challenging homeland defense issues we're facing today," he said.