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AFNORTH CC hosts Commander's Call

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The commander of Continental U.S. North American Aerospace Defense Command Region - 1st Air Force (AFNORTH), Lt. Gen. William H. Etter, recognized  annual award winners, reviewed accomplishments for 2014  and outlined a key goal for 2015 during the organization's first commander's call of 2015.

"The quality of the nominees for the quarter and annual awards is always superb - so it's always very challenging selecting the winners," Etter said.

Etter also highlighted the revitalized AFNORTH Key Spouse Program, led by Julianna Saratsis and Tonya Statom.  He touted the program as way for spouses to gain information about and access to Airman and Family Readiness programs, as well as a way to cut through bureaucratic roadblocks.

"If you have an issue you can't solve, reach out to Ms. Saratsis and Ms. Statom, and if they can't solve it, they're authorized to come directly to me," Etter said.

Additionally, Etter highlighted the organization's mission successes of 2014- reconfirming CONR's no-fail Homeland Defense responsibilities, Defense Support of Civil Authorities and Theater Security Cooperation.

"We're very good at what we do at America's best AOC and the reason for it is, we exercise, exercise, exercise" Etter said.

The Air Force Rescue Coordination Center, Etter added, is a unique organization that saves, on average, four lives every week.  He recounted his own experience watching a recent rescue mission being coordinated on New Year's Eve at about 11:30 p.m.

"We had a technical sergeant and a staff sergeant running a mission to find an airplane headed for Colorado that crashed in New Mexico," Etter said. "That's the trust we have in these folks - that's someone's life at stake and they do a great job at it."

Homeland Defense successes through Operation NOBLE EAGLE, Etter continued, including protecting the nation's leaders and populations at National Special Security Events, including the State of the Union address; the United Nations General Assembly; the African Leaders Summit; and the Super Bowl.¬

"Our protection of the Super Bowl last year was the most effective ever - with zero Tracks of Interest," Etter said. "That's a major accomplishment. There were also zero TOIs during the recent State of the Union address."

These efforts are a testament to the dedicated professionalism of the men and women who make up the CONR (1 AF - AFNORTH) organization.

"We are the second largest AOC in the Combat Air Forces and busier than most AOCs out there," Etter said. "I can't tell you how proud I am of the work you do, and you do a lot."

People, Etter emphasized, are the weapons system in command and control organizations like CONR (1AF - AFNORTH).  That is why, according to Etter, people issues are the focus of the organization's key goal for 2015.

"This is why, when we look at our goals for this organization this year, care for Airmen are my top priority," Etter concluded.

The 2014 award winners are:
HQ 1st AF Federal Awards
Air Force Federal Service 20-Year Pin - Martha Johnson (1st Air Force/Communications A6)

HQ 1st AF Fourth Quarter
Airman - Senior Airman Daniel Williams (Headquarters 1st Air Force/Detachment 2)
Noncommissioned Officer - Staff Sgt. Kevin Long (Headquarters 1st Air Force/Det 2)
Senior Noncommissioned Officer - Senior Master Sgt. LeRoy McCardell (1st Air Force/Commander's Action Group)
Company Grade Officer - Capt. Christopher Lacy (1st Air Force /Air, Space & Information Operations A3)
Field Grade Officer - Lt. Col. Michael Harmon (Headquarters 1st Air Force/Det 2)
Civilian Category I - Judy Baker (1st Air Force/Installations & Mission Support A7)
Civilian Category II - Carl Gajus (1st Air Force /A3)
Civilian Category III - Timothy Myers (1st Air Force/Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance A2)
HQ 1st AF Annual Awards
Airman - Senior Airman Shamaine Engler (Headquarters 1st Air Force/Det 2)
Noncommissioned Officer - Tech. Sgt. Jeffery Fritz (Headquarters 1st Air Force/Det 2)
Senior Noncommissioned Officer - Senior Master Sgt. LeRoy McCardell (1st Air Force/CCX)
Company Grade Officer - 1st Lt. Joshua Bedel (Air Force Rescue Coordination Center)
Field Grade Officer - Maj. Christopher Lawrence (1st Air Force/Logistics A4)
Civilian Category I - Vera Bailey (1st Air Force/A3)
Civilian Category II - Christopher Campbell (A6)
Civilian Category III - George Keasey (1st Air Force/A4)

601st AF Federal Awards
Meritorious Service Medal - Lt. Col. Bradford Larson (Air Combat Command/Staff Judge Advocate)

601st Fourth Quarter
Airman - Airman 1st Class Jason Cullison (Intelligence Reconnaissance Division)
Noncommissioned Officer - Tech. Sgt. Garrett Haskell (ACOMS)
Senior Noncommissioned Officer - Senior Master Sgt. Michael Kapreilian (IRD)
Civilian Category III - Daniel Kalobius (ACOMS)

¬601st Annual Awards
Airman - Senior Airman Brian Bryant (ACOMS)
Noncommissioned Officer - Tech. Sgt. William (Frankie) Rogers (ACOMS)
Senior Noncommissioned Officer - Master Sgt. Josh Nall (IRD)
Company Grade Officer - Capt. Dan Kim (Strategic Division)
Field Grade Officer - Maj. Caesar Kellum  (Command Element)
Civilian Category I - Margie Morgan (ACOMS)
Civilian Category II - Eric McAlister (ACOMS)
Civilian Category - Lisa Couling (Combat Plans Division)