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ACA leaders address current issues at workshop

  • Published
  • By Tom Saunders
  • AFNORTH Public Affairs
Representatives from across the Aerospace Control Alert enterprise gathered here for a three-day Continental United States North American Aerospace Defense Region -1st Air Force (Air Forces Northern) -hosted ACA working group held Nov. 17-19 to address matters affecting the ACA mission.

The forum provided the Continental United States North American Aerospace Defense Region -1st Air Force (Air Forces Northern) commander, Lt. Gen. William Etter, an opportunity to focus on unit needs and challenges in an interpersonal atmosphere, according to Maj. Peter Shinn, 1st Air Force Commander's Action Group project officer.

"This year's event built off previous year sessions during which senior leaders in the ACA enterprise discuss issues of concern or interest to practitioners of homeland defense," said 1st Air Force (Air Forces Northern) chief of staff, Mr. John Griffin. "The intent of this working group is to give leaders direct interface with General Etter and the team here at CONR-1AF in order to strengthen our professional relationship and explore opportunities for how we can enhance our ACA mission."

Participants attending the working group included approximately 80 representatives from each aerospace control alert unit, the Eastern and Western Air Defense Sectors, along with representatives from: the Joint Air Defense Operation Center; North American Aerospace Defense Command Headquarters; the National Guard Bureau; the U.S. Coast Guard; Air Combat Command and the Federal Aviation Administration. 

"Although we all work closely together day-in and day-out, this working group serves a valuable purpose in providing all of us across the enterprise, to include our interagency partners focused time together in the same place to discuss topics of interest to all ACA experts," Etter said. "As I've said before, if I don't know about it, I can't help you. These collective discussions are a great avenue for identifying opportunities to improve what we do."

Briefings throughout the working group covered a slew of issues to include manning, equipment and funding topics, as well as current events, trends and the way ahead for the CONR enterprise to meet its ever-evolving mission.