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U.S. and Mexican Forces Forge Ahead with Resolute Sentinel and the Subject Matter Expert Exchange

  • Published
  • By Michael Sparks

In a stride toward enhanced space domain awareness and military cooperation, members of the Mexican armed forces joined their U.S. counterparts at the Catalyst Campus for Technology and Innovation in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on June 3, 2024. This gathering, hosted by U.S. Northern Command and U.S. Space Command, enabled observations of commercial space’s role at the Joint Commercial Operation’s cell during U.S. Southern Command’s Exercise Resolute Sentinel.

“The Joint Commercial Operation’s cell is a testament to U.S. unwavering commitment to space domain awareness through collaboration with the international and commercial communities,” said U.S. Space Force, Lt. Col. James Curran, Director of Space Forces USNORTHCOM. “The future integration of our Mexican partners in this initiative is a critical step towards a unified approach to space operations and security.”

The Mexican military delegation, comprising three members designated by the Mexican Secretariats of National Defense and Navy, observed key aspects of the exercise, delving into the Joint Commercial Operations (JCO) Cell’s mission. The visit underscored the importance of commercial integration in space domain awareness and laid the groundwork for future collaboration with U.S. Space Command on tenants of responsible behaviors in space and spaceflight safety.

This engagement builds on Mexico’s previous participation as an observer in U.S. Space Command’s annual capstone event Global Sentinel. Earlier this year, four members of the Mexican Armed Forces made history as the first graduates from the National Space Security Institute’s Space-100 course.

The primary objective for the Mexican delegation is to understand the space domain capacity of the training exercise. This includes developing Space Domain Awareness through low-investment programs like the JCO and the Tactical Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Tracking Program (TacSRT).

A key takeaway for the Mexican team is the concept of Space Interoperability, which has already yielded benefits for other Latin American nations in areas such as disaster response, search and rescue, and threat detection.

Parallel to these developments, the “2nd Army & Air Force Annual Professional Military Development Subject Matter Expert Exchange 2024” took place from May 20 to 24, reinforcing the enduring partnership between the U.S. and Mexico. The event, supported by a host of U.S. military entities, focused on enlisted professional development and gender inclusion, aligning with the Department of Defense’s Women Peace and Security strategy.

Highlights included the advancement of the Mexican Secretariat of National Defense’s (SEDENA) vision to professionalize the role of Senior Enlisted leaders, and the sharing of expertise on the DoD’s 2023 Women, Peace, and Security Strategy and National Action Plan by Master Sgt. Charlie Marino Franco and Master Sgt. Karina Galaviz.

The forum also emphasized the importance of human elements in combat, with insights from former Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman Ramón “CZ” Colón-López, and showcased U.S. military development practices.

“The exchange led to a stronger mutual understanding of shared values and opportunities” said Senior Master Sgt. Alejandro Velez, event coordinator and 1st Air Force Enlisted International Affairs Manager/A5 senior enlisted leader.  “The positive impact of the United States Air Force Teams approach, fostered unity among participants.”

As CONR-1AF (AFNORTH & AFSPACE) continues its commitment to homeland defense, this collaboration and professional development initiative further strengthens ties with the SEDENA and Navy, fostering a foundation of trust and friendship for the benefit of both nations.