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OTIS ANGB, Cape Cod -- A commemorative flight will take place today, ending the 102nd Fighter Wing's 35 year history of its around-the-clock alert mission.
Col. Anthony Schiavi, 102nd Fighter Wing Commander, will address those gathered following the final flight. Other guest speakers included are from JFHQ, NORAD, AFNORTH and NEADS.
"Today marks the end of the 102d Fighter Wing's vigilant watch over the Northeast United States that has spanned more than three decades. But, today also marks a new beginning, the beginning of a different kind of "watch" as the 102d starts a new 24/7 mission centered around Intelligence gathering, assessment and exploitation that will provide great value to our nation in fighting the Global War on Terrorism," said Col. Anthony Schiavi, "Today is a proud moment for all of the men and women who have been part of the 102d's mission of protecting America. A mission they have done proudly and professionally for 35 years."
The 102nd Fighter Wing is equipped with the F-15 Eagle and its crews are on continuous 24 hour, 365-day alert to guard the skies of the Northeast. Specifically its mission is to protect the Northeast United States from armed attack from another nation, terrorist attack, and activities such as, smuggling, illicit drug activity, and illegal immigration.

The media is invited to attend this event and are asked to register by calling the public affairs office at (508) 968-4003/4090.