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Bowling brings in more than six hundred dollars for Airman’ s sick child

TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- More than six hundred dollars was raised at a First Air Force bowling tournament here Thursday for a child of an Airman who faces a serious illness.

The response was immediate. First Air Force staff formed bowling teams in three days to support the medical expenses needed for an enlisted Airmen to care for a seriously ill child.

Five-person teams filled all but one bowling lane at Raptor Lanes on base to show their support and dedication to the effort of taking care of their own in times of need. A door prize was given away through voluntary donations in appreciation of  the support.

The event was coordinated by the enlisted personnel at First Air Force and all Airmen involved volunteered their donations, time and effort.

A warm appreciation went out over the loudspeaker at the conclusion of the event to all participants that turned out to help this child and their family.