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CONR named 2018 Partridge-Slemon award recipient

  • Published
  • By Mary McHale
  • CONR Public Affairs
The Continental U.S. NORAD Region is the 2018 Partridge-Slemon Award recipient.

The annual award recognizes outstanding achievements of a NORAD directorate, Region, Sector, Air Force Space Command warning unit, or other contributing unit in support of NORAD.

The award—which is named after Gen. Earle Partridge, the first commander of NORAD, and Air Marshal C. Roy Slemon, the first deputy commander of NORAD—also represents the strong partnership between the U.S. and Canada.
Gen. Terrence O’Shaughnessy, NORAD Commander, selected CONR for this award in recognition of mission accomplishment across the enterprise in support of pre- and post-Hurricane Michael activities. During the award period, the Region ensured protection of the Continental United States by authoring 53 distinct air tasking orders and directing an astonishing 17,000 sorties, ensuring forces were postured to respond to any and all threats.

Additionally, the award recognizes CONR for achieving key Joint Multi-Platform Advanced Combat Identification milestones, leading to the first-ever fielding of ground Combat Identification capability in the Continental United States, significantly contributing to NORAD’s number-one priority.

For post-Hurricane Michael operations, there was high praise for the unit’s contingency plan to enable the Operation Noble Eagle mission to continue uninterrupted following the Category Five hurricane that inflicted $3 billion dollars’ worth of damage to CONR’s home station of Tyndall Air Force Base. Another highlighted achievement was the aggressive recovery timeline—72 days for the CONR mission to successfully return to Tyndall—a feat lauded by the Vice President of the United States.

“This award is a solid testament of the consummate professionalism everyone displays daily across our enterprise—whether steady state or contingency—their rock-solid, resilient commitment to the mission never waivers,” said Lt. Gen. R. Scott Williams, CONR commander.