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CONR Region of NORAD protects skies during Super Bowl LII

  • Published
  • Continental U.S. NORAD Region
NORAD fighters from the Continental U.S. NORAD Region (CONR) will be busy during Super Bowl LII protecting the skies around the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on game day.

Air Force fighter aircraft and aircrews will ensure safety of the skies as they patrol the FAA’s temporary flight-restricted zone during Sunday’s big game.

Lt. Gen. R. Scott Williams, commander of the Continental U.S. NORAD region, explained that CONR provides air defense for the protection of the continental U.S, to include events such as the State of the Union Address, United Nations General Assemblies, and the Super Bowl.

“Since 2002, the men and women of the Continental U.S. NORAD Region and America’s Air Operations Center have worked with our interagency partners to protect the skies above the Super Bowl,” Williams said. “Our goal is to watch the skies so that a worldwide audience can focus on the game.”

In addition to the FAA, NORAD partners with the DHS, Customs and Border Protection, and state and local law enforcement help ensure the safety of the skies over the stadium.

“Countless hours of preparation go into the air defense plan for Sunday,” said Col. John Ferry, 601st Air Operations Center commander. “It’s that kind of tireless dedication between the AOC, CONR, and the respected interagency partners that is vital to the air defense of our nation. For some, game day is a time to cheer for your favorite team and enjoy the company of friends; for us it is business as usual as we conduct our 24-7 no fail air defense mission.”

NORAD is responsible for detecting, deterring, defending and if necessary, defeating any aviation threat to the U.S. citizens and to U.S. critical infrastructure.

NORAD fighters will have minimal impact on aircraft in the area and are not responding to any specific threat during these pre-planned missions. These events have occurred for every Super Bowl since 2002.

“When the whistle blows know that there are more than just two teams participating in Sunday’s event. A dedicated team of air defenders made up of members from the FAA, DHS, Customs and Border Protection, NORAD, state and local officials, and America’s AOC will be working together to protect the skies over the stadium,” Williams said.

Further information on the temporary flight restriction in place over U.S. Bank Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday or other temporary flight restrictions in place around the U.S. can be found at