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 June 2014

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June 2013

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 December 2012

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September 2012

128ARW WIANG - Joint Aircrew Training
120FW MTANG - Gold Medalist Abby Wambach
173SFS ORANG - Bronze Star
SCNG - State Partnership with Columbia
119WG NDANG - Surprise Exercise
1AF-AFNORTH - Air Force Rescue Coordination Center
120FW MTANG - Outstanding Unit Award
119WG NDANG - Combat Lifesaving Course
148FW MNANG - Habitat for Humanity House
117ARW ALANG - Alabama Care 2012
177FW NJANG - 227th ASOS Ground Power/Air Power
127WG MIANG - Inn Readiness Training
120FW MTANG - Hometown Heroes
119WG NDANG - Hometown Heroes
June 2012

168FW SCANG - Deployment
120FW MTANG - Nellis Deployment
173FW ORANG - Training with 144th FW
119WG NDANG - Firefighting Training
AFSOC - Silver Star
EDS NYANG - Eastern Air Defense Sector Update
120FW MTANG - Recruiters Work Ski Event
148FW MNANG - Active Shooter Exercise
119WG NDANG - Marathon Team
1st Air Force - EMEDS
177FW NJANG - EOD Joint Exercise
127WG MIANG - Saber Strike 2012
120FW MTANG - StarBase

March 2012

1AF-AFNORTH - General McKinley Visit
120FW MTANG - Hawaii Overview
168FW SCANG - Change of Command
158FW VTANG - Sentry Aloha
119WG NDANG - Nuclear Surety Inspection
185ARW IAANG - Aircraft Paint Facility
158FW VTANG - Change of Command
169FW SCANG - Joint Training Exercise
119WG NDANG - Airman Banquet
120FW MTANG - Det 1 in Hawaii
115FW WIANG - Outstanding Unit
VT National Guard - TAG visits Macedonia
119WG NDANG - Pilot for a Day

December 2011

1AF-AFNORTH Distributed Mission Operations
120 FW MTANG - Combat Archer 
127 FW MIANG - 107th FW Afghanistan Deployment
120 FW MTANG - Maintenance Group 
119th WG NDANG - AF Outstanding Unit Award 
169th FW SCANG - Boss Lift  
120 FW MTANG - Teachers tour 120th FW
169th FW SCANG - Military Salute 
120 FW MTANG - Services
119th WG NDANG - Kidney Donor 
169th FW SCANG - Taste of McEntire 
119th WG NDANG - Holiday Express
119th WG NDANG - Guardsmen Heroics 

September 2011

1AF-AFNORTH - Change of Command
144FW CAANG - Desert Fox
148FW MNANG - Operation Home Base
127FW MIANG - Alaska Deployment
1AF-AFNORTH - 9-11 10-Year anniversary
144FW CAANG - Safe Skies Ukraine
158FW VTANG - Norway Deployment
141ARW WAANG - Homeland Response Force
120FW MTANG - Guard Helps Scouts
177FW NJANG - Ribbon Cutting
127FW MIANG - Aircraft Runway Repair

 June 2011

120FW MTANG - 219th Red Horse Homecoming
173FW ORANG - MOPP Training
177FW NJANG - 1st Sgt of the Year
173FW ORANG - WSEP 2011
158FW VTANG - Archaeology Dig
126ARW ILANG - ORI Report
115FW WIANG - Northern Viking 2011
119WG NDANG - Flood Fight 2011
120FW MTANG - Flag Day
119WG NDANG - Pilot for a Day
March 2011

119WG NDANG - C-27 Spartan Mission
120FW MTANG - Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
119WG NDANG - Biathlon
201ALS DCANG - Pilot for a Day Program
219SFS NDANG - Squadron of the Year
126ARW ILANG - Odyssey Dawn
119WG NDANG - Flood Response Exercise
Easter Air Defense Sector Update
120FW MTANG - BMT Lunch Simulation

December 2010

119WG NDANG - C-27
120FW MTANG - Security Forces Rattler Challenge
119WG NDANG - Diversity Training
140FW COANG - Cruzex V
119WG NDANG - Hanging with Horses
Kid Rock Performs for the Troops
102IW - Wreaths Across America
177FW NJANG - Falcon Air Meet
119 WG NDANG - Suicide Precention

September 2010

1AF/AFNORTH - POTUS Visits Panama City
119WG NDANG - PA Workshop in Ghana
127WG - Ghana Deployment
120FW MTANG - Yellow Ribbon Program
147RW - Medal of Hnor winner
120FW MTANG - Accident Response Exercise
182FW ILANG - 169 ASOS Parachute Training
120FW MTANG - Mt. Baldy Antenna
119WG NDANG - Mrs. North Dakota
1AF/AFNORTH - Deepwater Horizon Support
141ARW WAANG - Summer Youth Program
120FW MTANG - Family Day
102IW - CERFP Exercise
June 2010

1AF/AFNORTH-920th Rescue Wing
119WG NDANG-Minot Combat Training
120FW MTANG-Student Flight
177FW Medical Response Training
ARDENT SENTRY-Incident Communications
General McKinley visits Kosovo
177FW NJANG-Active Shooter Training
182FW ILANG-Quick Reaction Force Training
107AW NYANG-Heroes Salute
Center for National Disaster Response
148FW MNANG-Receives F-16s
PAANG-148th Air Operations Support Squadron
March 2010

1AF Haiti Disaster Support
107 Airlift Wing-Operation Unified Response
102IW - Royal Jordanian AF PMEL Training
120FW Construction project benefits Food Bank
147RW - Medical Grp Assists Army
1AF-AFNORTH - Space Shuttle Support
120FW - Chiefs Promotion Ceremony
157ARW - Tankers Assist F-22 Crossing
119WG/177ALS Wins JOSAC Squadron of Year
1AF-AFNORTH - Florida Guard Deployment
NGB - Haiti Drawdown
119WG - Flood Prep
December 2009

1AF Change of Command
102FW MA - Intel Mission
Falcon Air Meet - 140FW Colorado ANG
104FW Alert Operations/Homeland Defense
Award Ceremony - 120FW MT ANG
115FW Wis ANG - Guard support in Iraq
177FW NJ ANG - Atlantic City air show
120FW MT ANG - Vigilant Guard - EMEDS
Communications Truck - Vigilant Guard - 120FW MT ANG
189th Airlift Squadron Inactivation Ceremony ID ANG
119WG ND ANG Family Support


September 2009

 1AF-CAP Mission
119WG NDANG - Flood Wrap-up
120FW MTANG - Change of Command
Air Guard Outstanding Airmen 2009
185ARW Sioux City IA - Disney Award Competition
173FW - Operation Northern Thunder
219th Red Horse - Army-Air Joint Training
137th Space Warning Squadron
131FW MOANG - Ending Flying Operations
120FW MTANG - Vigilant Guard Exercise
120FW MTANG - Vigilant Guard - Disaster Support
125FW FLANG - Cyclogenesis Exercise
185ARW Air AG Show
JUNE 2009

159FW Louisian ANG-Alert Mission
185ARW Medical Group trains in Puerto Rico
182AW ILANG "Eskulap 2009" Poland
140FW Colo Guard helps Navajo school
447th Expeditionary Medical Squadron, Iraq
173FW ORANG-Commander reaches 4000 flight hours
140FW COANG-Former MIA Guarsman honored
120FW MTANG Teen day in Great Falls
201st Airlift Squadron DCANG-Joint Survival Training
185ARW Sioux City IA-Taser Training
TEC Knoxville TN-Iron woman fundraiser
107ALW Niagara Falls NY-Traffic Safety
124WG Idaho ANG-USAF women's volleyball

March 2009

Killey Center Building Dedication -1 AF HQ
F-15 Weapons Load Certification - 120 FW MTANG
AMS School Moving - TEC Knoxville TN
Green Flag Exercise - 140 FW COANG
Guard and Reserve Deployment
Specialized tool fabrication - 120 FW MTANG
Groundbreaking ceremony - 177 FW NJANG
F-16 Display - 182 ARW ILANG
Operation Rollback Water-Flood Fighting-119 WG
Firefighter Training 128 ARW WIANG
Commisary Case Lot Sale - 185 ARW IAANG
Hockey Day Minnesota - 148 FW MNANG
Trash to Treasure - 119 WG NDANG
December 2008

Hurricane Gustav-158 FW Vermont 
149 Medical Group TX - Innovative Readiness program
General McKinley's Promotion 
120 FW MT Freedom Salute
ANG Order of Sword - General McKinley 
Homeland Security Director Rufe 
119 WG/CF ND Gifts for Veterans 
102 IW Transition and Display 
1 AF NORAD Homeland Defense 
182nd Airlift Wing IL. - Deployment Support 
185 ARW IA Security Forces - Home for the Holidays
177 FW NJ Giving Back to the community


September 2008

AFNORTH hurricane support 
119 FW DLI Iraqi familiarization course 
177 FW Active shooter training 
120 FW Last F-16 leaves MTANG 
148 FW John Klatt air show 
177 FW Alert mission 
120 FW QRF trains at Ft. Harrison 
119 FW ARNG and ANG move rail cars 
TEC Business and Industry Days 
174 FW returns from Iraq 
119 FW NDARNG recruiting Operation 
120 FW Disaster relief bed down set 
140 FW Tuskegee flight program

June 2008

120 FW Montana ANG- Welcome Home Troops
144 FW CERFP Exercise
119 Wing NDARNG Memorial March
140 FW Colorado Guard MIA repatriated
NORAD 50th Anniversary
OSHA Award - 148 FW
120 FW Montana ANG - Flag Day
174 FW NY ANG - Deployment to Iraq
LTG Charlie Bouchard CONR
120 FW - All in the Family
601 AOC - Gov. Crist Visits Tyndall AFB

March 2008

120 FW Iraq Deployment 
144 FW Alert Detachment 
119 FW Minot Det 2 Mission 
120FW DUI Prevention Program 
LTG H. Steven Blum visits 1 AF 
191st MP Company Combat Lifesaving Training 
Hill AFB Utah - F-16 Engine CIRF 
177 FW Native American Dance 
LTG Craig McKinley Visits 1 AF 
Hill AFB Integrates Units 
119 FW North Dakota ANG Outstanding Unit Award 
119 FW Ruiz DUI Story

December 2007

ROVER System 
142nd FW - Fatality Management Program 
119th FW ANG Habitat for Humanity for an Iraqi family 
120th FW Medical Group training 
158th FW deploys to Iraq 
120th FW and 219th Red Horse Community Support 
148th FW Operational Readiness Inspection 
WADS has an upgraded Operations Center 
119th FW honors WWII Vets 
AFNORTH/CC hosts a Civic Leader Trip
December 2006

Operation Jump Start 
148th CF Fights Fires 
219th Red horse comes home 
SEADS becomes 601st AOC 
1AF Change of Command 
192nd FW Moves to Langley 
Tyndal NCOA Renamed 
120th/140th/150th AEF to Korea


September 2007

FL Sen Bill Nelson visits "America's AOC"
MT National Guard secures fire affected areas
MT National Guard provides communications support
ND Guard helps tornado recovery
NEADS is defending the skies
ANG medical readiness exercise in El Salvador
MT ANG participates in terror response exercise
140th WG participates in Falcon Air Meet in Jordan
219th Red Horse Squadron gets new commander
The Air Force Rescue Coordination Center moves to Tyndall

September 2006

5th Anniversary of 9/11 
120th Alert Detachment 
ND National Guard Louis & Clark Rendezvous 
144thFW Base Teen Group
Airventure 2006 
CAP Airborne Imagery 
144thMDG - Patriot 2006 
120th MXG Detachment 1 
84th Radar Evaluation Squadron 
120th goes to March ARB
 June 2007

120th FW appoints first Native American Officer
Hurricane Hunters
TEC Business and Industry Day
601st AOC Grand Opening
20th Anniversary - The Gift of Life
President visits Arizona border patrol
Emergency Management Training - 119th FW
81st Training Wing recovers from Katrina


June 2006

Western Air Defense Sector
148thFW Combat Operations Readiness
119thFW Civil Support Teams
CO ANG Travels to Jordan
120thFW Economic Importance
Gen McKinley Becomes Director of ANG
120thFW ORI While Deployed
Ardent Sentry 2006
Dedication of MT Veterans Memorial
MN Foam Fire Suppresion System
March 2007

120th FW deploys to Aviano
ND ANG Ice Rescue 
Guard supports Super Bowl XVI 
Blue Angels visit Tyndall AFB 
Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officers 
Guard helps build Mexico fence 
219th Red Horse Squadron 
VT ANG deploys to Davis-Monthan

March 2006

New AFFOR Headquarters Building Groundbreaking
120thFW Leadership High School
119thFW Transitions from F-16s to Predators Part 2
Superbowl XL Air Defense
120thSVS Receives Kenneth W. Disney Award
Flying in the NCR
JBECC Opens New Facility
119thFW Sets Flight Safety Record
53rd Weather Recon Squadron
December 2005

Military Photographers Capture Katrina
Community Basing
737thTRG-Warrior Week
MT NG Missions and Challenges
119thFW Transitions from F-16s to Predators Part 1
COANG-Tiger Meet of the America's
120thSVS Trains to Become World Class Chefs
December 2004

1AF has a new commander
1AF and CAP help each other
FL TAG discusses Florida missions
50th anniversary of William Tell
Det 11 of NGB - AF Reserve Training Center
What goes into a flyover?
CBS covers Operation Noble Eagle
NORAD-USNORTHCOM has a new leader
September 2005

119th FW helps during Katrina recovery
AF Special Tactics during Katrina recovery
ARANG Katrina efforts
PAANG Katrina efforts
AETF established for Katrina
Joint Task Force Pelican
OKANG-137thAW Katrina efforts
120thFW Katrina efforts
ATOC moves Katrina supplies
Basic Combat Convoy Course
Air Warfare College-186th does Red Flag
 September 2004

KYANG Guardsman receives Silver Star
219th Red Horse Squadron 1st Sgt talks about Iraq
177th CES returns home from Iraq
VT ANG hosts AGA conference
Focus on 1st Air Force
CO Guardsmen return from Iraq
142nd FW deploys to Iceland
1AF hosts Joint Air Defense Exercises
Aimen meet with thier Iraqi counter-parts
Commanders Comments
June 2005

The motto of NORAD
Building dedicated for MoH winner
120thFW ORE
Highlighting the NEADS mission
125thFW conducts WSEP
TEC members help Relay 4 Life
Distributed Mission Operations
169thSVS competes for Kenneth W Disney Award

June 2004

177th FW mulit-media supports Red Flag
Oldest KC-135 in ANG retires
120th FW goes to Italy
Protecting the G-8 summit
CANR CC gets F-16 orientation
144th FW prepares for its ORI
NBC News covers ANG activations
111th FW firefighters return from Iraq
Young American Day at Portland ANGB
120th FW firefighters help train colleagues in Italy
Video tribute to returning Guardsmen and women
March 2005

President Bush visits Fargo ND
Minister receives Bronze Star
CMSAF visits 158th FW
158th FW Alert Detachment
430th THS Capabilities
120th FW member receives Purple Heart
102d FW participates in WSEP
189th AW Aircraft Dedication Program
Ellsworth AFB- Home of the B-1B
Commanders Comments

March 2004

125th FW gets upgraded engines
138th FW exercises first responders
TSgt Stephen Goshorn honors veterans
"Your Guardians of Freedom"
ND Soldiers return from Iraq
Stabilization force in Bosnia
Iowa ANG dentist helps members prepare to deploy
Exercise Lewis & Clark tests Canadian and American Aimen
147th FW trains Super Bowl honor guard members
Commanders Comments

December 2003

NORAD Commander visits 1AF Alert units
177thFW receives AF Outstanding Unit Award
Tyndall receives first F-22 Raptor
Tiger Meet of the America's
Task Force Renegade
National Guard PA education and training conference
Texas Guard family answers the call of duty
Commanders comments


September 2002

1AF Change of Command
140th FW adapts to extreme climates
120th FW wins Communications Flight of the Year
Cope Thunder improves combat skills
ANG TEC has a new commander
125th FW helps out for a special display
148th FW breaks ground on a new aircraft MX hangar
120th FW hosts "Boss Day"
Paintings unveiled honoring the 9-11 response
TNANG visits MT for their Annual Training
Bay County dedicates their 9-11 Memorial
New Commanders Comments

September 2003

177thAW members depoy to Anchorage
Joint Based Expeditionary Control Center
Atlantic City airshow
Contigency Historical Information Preservation Team
Canada supports ONE
144AW supports Operations Joint Forge
The first Air Force "blended wing"
120thFW teaches respect for the Flag
WADS remembers 9-11
Commanders Comments

June 2002

CBS News covers 119th FW 
188th FW activates for ONE 
147th FW is commited to air sovereignty
MTANG covers airport security 
Undersecretary of Defense visits 1AF 
126th ARW has live-fire training 
TXANG supports 1AF at Tyndall 
Bay County commissions a 9/11 memorial 
ORANG shares RADAR data with WADS 
Commanders Comments
June 2003

1AF Surgeon talks about Smallpox vaccination
158th Alert Detachment
Advanced Distiobuted Learmomg System
119th FW sets flight safety record
FL TAG discusses FL Guard issues
Fargo takes top honors
Northeast Air Defense Sector
120th FW pilot reaches 3000 hours in an F-16
Commander Comments

March 2002

Chief of NGB visits 1AF
147th FW stays combat ready
NORAD tests defenses
142nd gets a visit by President Bush
AWACS instrumental in ONE
Olympic Torch visits the 120th FW
Guardsmen protect the Winter Olympics
Flying CAP with the 119th FW
ORANG couple make Chief together
Commanders Comments

March 2003

MTARNG activates to provide base security
ANG leaders talk about ONE
142FW reaches 60000 mishap free hours
702nd Commander mentors officer candidates
Canadian F-18s visit Tyndall AFB
Arkansas guard members make a difference
1AF Command Chief visits NCO Academy
177th dedicates "Let's Roll" nose art
Coronet Oak provides airlift support for Panama
Commanders Comments

January 2002

147thFW responds to Presidential mission
119thFW answers the call
Secretary of the AF visits 1AF
60 Minutes special "Air War At home"
Maj Gen Killey talks about air defense
Commanders comments


November 2001

1AF Now visits Ground Zero
189th FW provides C-130 aircrew training
185th FW participates in Maple Flag
177th FW is defending our country
125th FW deploys to Ramstein GE
148th FW reaches out to the community
FL Sen Bill Nelson talks about air defense
1AF CC shares his view from the top


July 2001

GA ARNG deploys to Bosnia
WADS CV discusses future challenges
ANG supports JTF-Civil Support
Amalgam Virgo tests joint defenses
ORANG member has a 2nd job
SEADS change of command
119th FW and 1987th FW hit 50,000 flying hours safely
142nd FW hosts "Scout Day"
119th FW has a family day
ANG contributions to USAFE

April 2001

144th builds community relationships
Air National Guard Heritage Project restores F-106
148th FW CE Squadron is ready for winter
144th FW visits Honduras
120th FW receives Falcon upgrade
Lt Thomas E Williams Award
Vietnam Veterans moving wall visits Tyndall AFB
202nd Red Horse Squadron
1AF Ops helps Ukraine move toward Democracy
Commanders Comments


January 2001

FLANG Air Commander discusses the 125th FW
1AF Area Cruise Missile Defense Program
148th FW honors civilian employers
119th gets a new commander
FLANG leadershiop dedicates new 125th facility
NFL player visits 177th FW
Command Chief Master Sergeant of the ANG 
144th FW participates in Silent Sleigh
ANG softball championships
Remembering Payne Stewart
1AF Units train at Red Flag
119th FW honors Korean War Veterens
Cornerstone 2003 opens in Macedonia
Amalgam Warrior in Bay County
1AF Unit has a new firefighting complex
120th FW prepares for AEF
NORAD Commander visits 1AF
MTANG JAG serves in Bosnia
119th FW goes back to school to learn CAS

September 2000

120th FW volunteers to fight fires
Alaska NORAD Region grows
SEADS breaks ground on new buildings
The Jersey Devils
119th FW starts CAS training
Alaska NG preps for busy rescue season
120th FW practices at Volk Field
148th FW Bulldogs lead the pack
Civic leaders learn about the ANG
1AF upgrades communications infrastructure
1AF CV Comments

May 2000

Total Force at Red Flag
Gen Eberhart visits 1AF
119th has a new firefighting trainer
119th remembers the Korean War
Canadian General visits 1AF
158th pilot has an IFE
Tyndall AFB exercises Amalgam Warrior
1AF Vice Commander retires after 30 years
Commanders Comments

Winter 1999-2000

1AF talks about Payne Stewart
148th FW cold weather training
120th FW JA travels to Bosnia
119th FW races snowmobiles
1AF commanders discuss cruise missile defense
142nd FW participates in Combat Archer
363d birthday of the ANG
CONR DC talks about US-Canadian relations


November 1999

Vice Commander comments
Canadian NORAD Region
119th Alert Detachment makes prepares for hurricane
NEADS has change of command
SEADS Det 1 trains F-15 pilots
Joint US/Canadian modernaization program
125th FW enforces Operation Northern Watch
1AF leaders get Anthrax vaccination
119thFW moves Coronet Nighthawk
1AF's strategic plan

March 1999

1AF celebrates Winter Readiness Inspections
SEADS discusses ORI
NEADS/WADS CC's comments
148th Det 1 sits alert at Tyndall AFB
1AF Vice gets a star
Time is right to mainstream 1AF
Canadian officer receives Order of Military Merit
1AF cleans up ACC awards
Soverign Skies is published
Shedding light on Y2K
News Briefs


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